About Shuri-Ryu Karate

Robert A. Trias

Dr. Roberta Trias-Kelly and Robert A. Trias

Shuri-ryu Karate-Do is a martial arts system developed by Robert A. Trias. Trias was first introduced to karate while serving in the Navy during World War II. Opening his first dojo in 1946, Trias became the first person to teach karate to the mainland United States. Upon his death in 1989, he bequeathed leadership of the system to his daughter Dr. Roberta Trias-Kelly.

The roots of the Shuri-ryu style come from a variety of sources, including Shuri-te karate, Naha-te karate, and Xing Yi Kung Fu. In addition to the punches, blocks, kicks, and strikes of karate, Shuri-ryu also incorporates joint locks, take-downs and throws, and kobudo (traditional weapons such as the bo, kama, sai, tonfa, and nunchakun).

Shuri-ryu Karate-Do

Recognizing Shuri-Ryu

  • Shuri-ryu fist (index finger under thumb)
  • Kamae animal forms
  • Backfist with seiken combo
  • Eight performance categories
  • Twelve punches (six long, six short)
  • Kote-aite practice
  • Two punches same area
  • Head snaps
  • Sen-te thousand hand/rice exercise
  • Three types of attack
  • Eight faces
  • Block - punch - cover
  • Te-katana & te-uke covers
  • Relaxed body until end of technique
  • Pine tree emblem

Performance Categories

  • Ippon Kumite Kata (power)
  • Taezu Naru Waza (speed and fluidity)
  • Kihon Kumite Kata (power and speed)
  • JiJu Undo (free exercise)
  • Kime Dachi Kumite (stance sparring)
  • Kata Kumite (form sparring)
  • Kata (pre-arranged Form)
  • JiJu Kumite and Sessen Kumite

Shuri-Ryu Kata

  • Tai Kyoku (First Basic Form)
  • Wansu (Strong Arm Dumping Form)
  • Anaku (Swallow on the Beach/Pivoting Form)
  • Nai Han Chi Sho (Iron Horse/Missing Enemy Form)
  • Sanchin (Three Conflicts Form)
  • Empi Sho (First Elbow Form)
  • Tsue Sho (Way of the Bo Form)
  • Bassai Dai (Breaking Through the Fortress)
  • Go Pei Sho (Advanced Tearing Peacock Form)
  • Dan Enn Sho (Cutting and Clawing Through the Fire)
  • Nai Han Chi Ni (Missing Enemy Form 2)
  • Nan Dan Sho (24 Steps/Difficult Victory Form)
  • Kan Ku Sho (Flowing Lagoon/Sky Form)
  • Nai Han Chi San (Missing Enemy Form 3)
  • Te-Katana (Sai Form)
  • Ten Sho (Breath Form)
  • Shudo-So (Monastery Monk Advanced Breath Form)