About Our Dojo

Shuri-ryu Pine Tree

For over 20 years, the Double Dragon Dojo Martial Arts Academy has been bringing our community the very best in martial arts instruction. Known for our devotion to traditional Okinawan Karate, our instructors are encouraging role models that seek nothing less than perfection in the ability to impart ancient knowledge and modern techniques to people of all ages and backgrounds. Our style is Shuri-ryu, and we are dedicated to the highest quality of traditional & progressive self-defense training. We are not only interested in fighting skills, but in the respect and development of each student as a whole.

We are committed to providing ALL of our students a safe and exciting Martial Arts experience. We follow and instill in our students the principles of our Dojo Kun (respect, self-control), as well as those of the Shuri-ryu Pine Tree emblem (strength, longevity and endurance). Students are taught under positive reinforcement, with each one working to their own potential. Anyone who is interested in learning more or in taking classes is encouraged to come in at anytime!

(The pine tree patch is worn on the left sleeve two inches above the sleeve end not on the crease, set so it can be seen from the front with the arm hanging naturally. The different patches stand for levels of skill and knowledge.)


Always bow when entering or exiting the Dojo, showing respect to the training area. Before entering the deck area, students will bow first to the instructor (if he or she is on deck), then to the kamiza. The highest ranking individual on deck will yell "KIOTUKE!" when the highest instructor enters. The students will bow to the instructor and the instructor will bow back to the students. As the class begins, everyone may recite the Dojo Kun before they begin training. Once class is in session, never touch the mirrors, do not lean against the walls, and do not sit down unless instructed to. The lesson for each class may vary depending upon rank, age, and/or ability. Students must follow instructions to the best of their ability. Students will be respectful not only to the instructors, but also to other students. Negative comments, disrespect, or lack of self-control will not be tolerated. The instructor may eject any student from class at any time if he/she creates or fosters a negative environment or dangerous situation. Once class concludes, the students will bow to the instructor and he/she will bow back. The instructor will leave the deck after bowing to the kamiza, then the students will exit in the order of highest to lowest rank. Students will bow to the kamiza before exiting the deck area.

Dojo Kun (School Creed)

The Dojo Kun is the creed by which all karate-ka (karate practitioners) should adhere to. All members of the Double Dragon Dojo must be able to recite and conduct themselves by the Dojo Kun:

  • I shall conduct myself in a manner, which will reflect credit upon myself and society.
  • I shall be loyal to my school and the art it teaches.
  • I shall be honest and exercise integrity with the purpose of developing cooperation and trust with my fellow karate-ka and my teachers.
  • I shall exercise restraint in the use of my karate knowledge, employing it only in fair competition or in the defense of my life, my family, and my country.

Dojo Etiquette

  • Everyone must remove their shoes before entering the dojo
  • No JEWELRY is allowed during classes
  • Good personal hygiene is expected
  • Keep feet especially clean and trim toenails and fingernails short for safety
  • No running or horseplay while class is in session
  • Use "yes" and "no" when responding to questions form instructors (rather than "yeah" or "nope" etc.)
  • Be respectful towards your instructors and fellow students
  • No food or gum is allowed inside the dojo

New Milford Chamber's Village Fair Days Bill and Fran Babbino Scholarship

Named for longtime Chamber president and Village Fair Days chairman Bill Babbino and his wife Fran, who operate Double Dragon Dojo in town. "They have done so much for the community that people don't even know about," said VFD chairman Bob Hanna. Double Dragon Dojo has conducted numerous activities to raise funds for charities, and, as Chamber president, Bill played an integral role in helping the Chamber increase membership and develop a stronger presence in the community, according to Hanna. The recipient is screened and selected by the John Pettibone Memorial Scholarship Fund.