Double Dragon Dojo Adult Classes

Mind, Body, and Spirit

Adult classes at the Double Dragon Dojo are designed to fully develop the mind, body, and spirit. Men and women of all ages can become physically fit, strong, and flexible as well as mentally focused, disciplined and more confident. Our students work hard as they get into shape.

Adults will focus on functional fitness, self-defense, Okinawan weaponry, sparring, grappling, and MORE during challenging yet rewarding martial arts training.

We welcome men and women of all abilities and levels of fitness.

Our adult classes provide the perfect environment to get fit, lose weight, and increase your martial arts skill. Classes are taught by experienced and motivated instructors. In every class you will enjoy a world class workout, learn amazing martial arts techniques and learn how to defend yourself. Bag work, partner drills, and strength conditioning exercises are all part of the experience.

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