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Shuri-ryu Okinawan Karate, a martial art and way of life

Classes taught at the Double Dragon Dojo are for men, women, and children of all ages. The style is Shuri-ryu, a complete system of punches, blocks, kicks, self-defenses, grappling, take downs, breathing EXERCISES, and physical fitness. Students are taught under positive reinforcement, with each one working to their own potential.

  • Classes For Kids

    Kids Classes

    Boys and girls will develop coordination, balance, self-confidence and discipline through our martial arts training. Classes are fun and safe, and focus on the development of the youth's positive attitude, behavior and character. We build self-esteem and instill the principals of respect for self and others. We welcome all newcomers regardless of their ability level.

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  • Classes For Teens

    Teens Classes

    Teens will learn mental toughness, self-defense, discipline, confidence, and respect while engaging proper martial arts technique and martial arts philosophy. Highlights include board breaking, sparring, grappling, and Okinawan weaponry. All classes include a physical fitness component in order to enhance the student's overall health and athletic ability.

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  • Classes For Adults

    Adult Classes

    Adults will focus on functional fitness, self-defense, Okinawan weaponry, sparring, grappling, and MORE during challenging yet rewarding martial arts training. Our adult classes provide the perfect environment to get fit, lose weight, build confidence, and increase your martial arts skill. Men and women of all abilities and levels of fitness are always welcome.

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The Children's Movement Center

Latest News

We've Moved!

The Double Dragon Dojo is now holding classes at the Children's Movement Center!

The CMC is located at 17 Pickett District Rd, New Milford, CT 06776.

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  • Jump kick board breakingJump kick board breaking
  • Full splitFull split
  • Kids side kick board breakingKids side kick board breaking
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